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An Alderbarian is a member of a farcical race written into a skit for a late 20th century Paramount awards show. Captain Janeway introduces the scene at hand as characters from NBC's Frasier make light of the situation. Manning the communications station is Commander Roz. In the midst of battle she ignores an order given by Captain Janeway to hold a conversation with an anonymous transmitter...

Janeway: Commander, Hail the vessel! ..Commander?

Roz: Oh, in a second- Really? Is he cute? He's an Alderbarian?

Janeway: Commander?

Roz: Aren't Alderbarians' the ones with four tongues?

Niles: Sounds like this Alderbarian is about to go where so many have gone before.

(Audience laughes enthusiastically, but Shran doesn't grok.)

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