Ensignlefler Ensign Lefler.

Ashley Judd is an actress... *snicker* ... sorry, sorry, let me start again...

Ashley Judd is an act.... *pfft* HA! Hee hee ho.... oh, man... hold on, one more time...

Ashley Judd isPFAAH!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hoho, heehee, haha, ho! Ha ha! Oh, man. Haha! Oh. Heheh. Ah. Damn. Sorry, I can't type that without laughing. Hehee, ho! "Ashley Judd is an actress," that's rich! hehehe, ha, ho. Ah. *sniff* Okay, I'm good.

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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on Ashley Judd.

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