The auto-destruct is a plot device located on every technological object in the known universe. The auto-destruct could only be used by Captains, sometimes with their own authorization code, or with the assistance of others. This was typically decided by the decision of the computer in regards to the plot progress.

Types of Auto-DestructEdit



Some psychokinetic powers required.


Do it and Barclay will give you a cookie!

Some people think they need to do the hard work to get their job done. Rather than relying on a computer with Windows NX to complete their job, they go to a warp core and finish the job. Of course, this usually ends with the person, themselves, dying, but they usually end up escaping the split second before the warp core explodes, or so sci-fi cliches go.

Most of all, remember this, starship insurance covers accidental warp core destruction, but not antimatter or matter pod ruptures, so nobody ever uses any other object for the auto-destruct. Additionally, life insurance does not cover manual auto-destructs, resulting in cheap redshirt-like funerals (in other words, non-existant).

One of these cards

Okay, now that I've gotten the enemy to release control of my ship, all I have to do is recite the countermand code. If only I could remember!

Trek Exclamations
KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!Ohh...shit!PA'TAK!Recalibrate the Deflector!NOOOOOOOO!!IT IS REEAAAL!It's a FAAAAKE!!!Hail them! | Fire Phasers! | Vorta have boobs! | Auto-Destruct in 5 seconds... 4, 3, 2...1Yes, sirNo, sir, and please don't shoot me like thatGFDL?! CC?! Copyrights?!! GAK!WHORE!SLUT!

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