Bill nye in the bridge

Bill Nye in the bridge. Funny, he looks kinda' bajoran. . .

Bill Nye the science guy was one of the greatest captains of the USS Excelsior. He was cool and all, but he also secretly told kids about top secret science stuff, which he wasn't supposed to do. Oh yeah, by the way, he was also human. Maybe.


Born in 2352, he was a loser who liked to do science stuff. Yeah, that's his entire childhood. Oh yeah, he also broke into Starfleet Command and changed the design of the Enterprise while they were coming up with characters for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and that's why the Enterprise in that series looks way different.

Captain on the ExcelsiorEdit

He was a pretty good captain, but he redesigned the bridge so it looked like a science lab. From there, he shot his hit show, Captain Bill Nye the Commanding Science Officer Guy. However, he was breaking the rules of Starfleet, and he wasn't allowed to create hit TV shows from the bridge of a starship. So, they fired him. He got really mad that they fired him, so he stole the USS Reliant and went back in time, to 1993. From there, he continued his hit TV show.

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