"Bridge Buffoonery" was the 12th episode of the recut Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"Bridge Buffoonery"
Episode number 
TNG episode 12 - "bridge buffoonery"01:01

TNG episode 12 - "bridge buffoonery"

Vaudeville Picard01:23

Vaudeville Picard

MAlf Notice: That guy who just left double dares you to watch both at once. Or you are a Barsoominite chicken. That's what the guy said.


Picard enters ten forward. Deanna Troi simply cannot fucking believe it. Picard raises a glass of Lowenbrau and sings. People begin fighting. Riker and Worf arrive and join in. Geordi is violently thrown onto the bridge, and Riker steals his VISOR. Wesley simply cannot fucking believe it.

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