Every good starship has bumper stickers attached to the back of their saucer section, or if they're one of these uber-modern things like the Defiant, Nova, Prometheus or something like that, at the back of whatever section.

USS Enter Price Edit

The Enter Price has following bumper stickers:

  • Bite My Shiny Metal Nacelle
  • Hail If You're Horny
  • Babes on Board
  • Flagship of the Iowa Teletubbies Fanclub
  • Michael Jackson, RIP. Died more than 200 years ago.
  • Who Says I'm Not Mozart?
  • Tail Pipe Socket Adjustment Access
  • [The Flying Spaghetti Monster]
  • [Flag of the Soviet Union]
  • [Flag of Nazi Germany]
  • [Portrait of Napoleon]
  • [Abstract Picture of Ché Guevara]

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