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Captain is a title given to officers in command of a starship or civilians that own a starship. It says: "I am god on this starship!"

In Starfleet you have to visit Space Academy at least once and you have to try to solve the Kobayashi Maru scenario before you are given this title. Because the Kobayashi Maru scenario is a no-win scenario and you can pass it even if you lose, it is not very hard to come through Space Academy and to become a captain. Whether this is an intelligent personnel policy is open to discussion, and it may also be noted that the only person that cheated at this test, James R. Kirk, was given command of the flagship of the Federation, the Enterprise. Not surprisingly he crashed it. ("Space Seed, Part II" and "Surprise: Spock is alive!")

Famous captainsEdit

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Captain's Log "Tiger Blood edition" cover

Captain was mentioned on the cover of my comic books.

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