Captain Lexi with her slave He-Bot Data.

Capt Lexi the coffee drinker

In the 24th century....

Captain Lexi was born in the 21st century as a feline pet on Earth. She was extremely oblivious to the fact that there was more to life than eating and sleeping. One day while doing her morning stretch she had a thought. A THOUGHT! This little furry feline decided she was oppressed and that she needed to better herself. She started working out, going to college and learning military tactics. She was about 5 years old when she developed a way to lengthen her lifespan by about 500 years.

Fast forward to the 24th century. After a short career in P-Fleet, she decided to enter Starfleet at the rank of Ensign. She quickly distinguised herself as being a quick study and able to get work done well before her deadlines, as she needed to sleep for an hour for two hours worth of work she completed. After the Battle of Third Contact, she was promoted to Captain of the starship French Cafe Latte.

A few years later she decided that she had missed the good life of sleeping, eating and playing. Soon after she resigned her commission and was introduced to Data's cat Spot. This short lived relationship proved rocky and unstable. Afterward she then placed an ad in a singles paper similar to truck stop singles. (TOS: How Did I Get These Crabs?)

She is still waiting for a response.

Update: Lexi did find the man of her dreams.  It was a dog.  Quite the unlikely pair.  Jack was a P-Fleet academy reject.  His expulsion was related for his inability to stay on task, and love for chicken jerky.  Some think his accent is Irish, due to his Sheltie background, but it is actually Russian.  He motivated her to rejoin Starfleet.

Upon recommisioning she was given back the French Cafe Latte.  Due to the number of years that passed between her first commission and this one, the Cafe Latte was in sore shape.  It was being used as a chicken jerky transport for the Federation, and in disrepair.  Upon begging Starfleet Command she was able to have her beloved ship retrofitted with the latest Shwarp drives and coffee replicators.  The hull was strengthened with 1000 tons of granola.  Upon the writing of this update she is enroute to the Zeta cluster in search for yoguht.  Activa, it's nawt for yawr hair!

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