For something a trifle more substantial, we suggest you try Dominion War

Gul Dukat negotiated a treaty with the Domination. A crap load of Domination ships came through the space hole and made themselves at home in Kardashian space. The Federation felt threatened and the people at DS9 blocked the space hole off with mines. The Domination got pissed off and kicked a war off by capturing Terok Nor. Blah blah freaking blah.

Meanwhile, Legate Damar incited a revolution on Kardashia Prime. Odo cures PMS lady's STD. Domination surrenders. PMS lady goes to jail. Odo has an orgy with the rest of his people. We all live happily ever after.

Oh, and nothing is stopping the bad guys from doing it all over again. Absolutely nothing. Except for a hastily-made peace treaty. And evil empires never break those.


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