Two captains

Kirk: Chris, these guys say Denobulans were an important race in the founding of the Federation and in the early years of human interstellar exploration. Pike: And I'm a little girl with pigtails. Throw them in the brig 'til they sober up.


Denobulan? What the fuck kind of made up word is that? Get the hell off my station.

22nd century genocidal madman from a race nobody ever heard of. Worse than Neelix, yeah. I said it. His entire stupid race was (thankfully) wiped out before 2254. If the Romulans did it during the war, then I say good for them. I hate the Denobulans.

Enterprise would have been no less than 20% more watchable if he was not on it. Seriously, did Phlox actually have fans?

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