TPol with boobs

How We Turned Beloved Fiction Into A Fucking Joke

The official memoirs of Rick Berman, Many Coto, Brannon Braga and the entire behind-the-scenes team of the insulting "Star Trek" prequel series! Covering the dismal saga of one of science fiction's greatest embarassments on the medium of television!

Selected Chapters Edit

  • Why Respect Profitable Series and Movies That Came Before You?
  • Klingons, Ferengi, Gorn, and Borg: "We're in the Wrong Fucking Century!"
  • Orions, Vulcans, Andorians, Romulans - The Rape and Ruination of Beloved Alien Races
  • Aliens of the Week, Rancor of The Viewers, Reset Buttons, Technobabble, Wooden Acting: OUR HOLY DECADE-LONG CRUSADE FOR POORER TELEVISION
  • Season Three. What the Fuck is Wrong With Us?
  • Making Bakula Act Poorly or How We Literally Tore a Hole In Reality
  • Sato. Who Gives a Shit?

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