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The Excelsior Class Starship (™) is named after a German beer discovered by Montgomery Scott using the slingshot effect to travel back in time to Sol III in the 21st century. Meester Chekhow, who accompanied him, was tasked with procuring fuel to return them home. Upon entering a Lidl, he mistook the shape of the Excelsior beer can for a nuclear fuel rod to fuel their wessel. Upon returning to their ship, the Bounty Bar, Scotty was unable to repair the engines, but drank the beer proclaiming it, "F***ing brilliant!".

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Excelsior-class starship appeared too much in "TNG" 'cuz the FX people were too stupid or too poor to make a model for a new class of ship. As a result, everyone except Picard, that black dude with the mustache from that anime, and that Maxwell nutbag seemed to command an Excelsior.

This over-use was taken to a serious and insulting extreme on Deep Space Nine, as virtually two-thirds of every Starfleet ship featured was an Excelsior (the actual numerical breakdown of Starfleet ships seen on-screen was 64% Excelsiors, 31% Miranda, 4% Galaxys and 1% other - I'm not counting the feckin' runabouts). About the only non TOS-era starship we saw on DS9 was that Centaur-type, which was kitbashed from a goddamn Excelsior! You can thank Berman and Braga for this, they would not allow DS9 to use all those cool ship designs like the Akira, the Prometheus, or the even the Sovereign - despite the fact these were all state-of-the-art battleships designed for no other reason than the front lines of war. Well, maybe not the Sovereign, but all those ships from the Battle of Sector 001 in the opening to First Contact were nothing but warships. And that badass Prometheus, good lord what a loss we never saw it again. All those ships are one-shots! FUCK!

See also: Miranda class

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