The Galaxy-class line of ships were .................. Auuuuuugggggghhhhh!!!!! I don't give a damn about some shmuck's drunken dream!

They are the largest ships for about 120 years in Starfleet. In most computer games they are always the largest ships. Galaxy class ships could woop sorry any other ship in the universe though they liked to do it "scientifically" they were built better than any other ship just because they were built by good guys, the ships were also built with built in timers that would self destruct the ship in 60 minuets (plus some time to show sponsors) if the crew couldn't get out of danger in that time, though once every year the timer would set for 120 minuets because thats when all the challenging problems come up. after seven years the timers go off and the ships blow up, but not before all the important crew gets one last moment of happiness on the bridge.

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