Sometimes, they made history.


And sometimes they just cashed their paychecks.

No matter how dumb a trek fan can be, or how bad the creators fuck things up, some episodes will always stand out and unite us under a banner of science fiction awesomeness. Like Threshold or Sub Rosa.


But no matter what, a few snippets of camera work have provided us with greatness. Anyone who doesn't love these episodes is a pawn of the evil Future Guy. I mean it.

The Holy List Edit

TOS: The City on the Edge of Forever- You know what? Fuck you Harlan Ellison. Fuck you and for shame. Not for taking an artistic stance. No, no. I respect your inexhaustable anger for them fucking up your work and making you compromise your principles. But you can't disown a work, spend years (justly) bashing it, and then sue for not getting money for it's legacy. ITS NOT LIKE YOU'RE A POOR MAN, YOU LITTLE FUCK.

Also, drug-enflamed McCoy is just goddamned hilarious.

TOS: The Trouble with Tribbles- Heheh. Tribbles.

TNG: Justice- Perfect planets only have white people. Never a more perfect moral has been told in all of science fiction.

TNG: Imaginary Friend- What a wonderful and compelling story, and that little girl alien isn't annoying at all.

TNG: The Inner Light- Picard's dumb flute.


TNG: The Best of Both Worlds- They are the Borg. We are fucked.

TNG: Rascals- O'Brien always loved lolicon...

TNG: Darmok- Bitch, speak english.

DS9: The Visitor- Fuck you this shit was awesome. Maybe, maybe the best Trek show ever made. Say what you will about Deep Space Nine, but they landed this one on the moon. But does anyone else always laugh on the note that that girl Jake is telling the story to never existed?

DS9: Q-Less- A more perfect version of the character of Q has never been shown!  ::cough::

VOY: Message in a Bottle- Holy crap, Andy Dick was in a super-awesome episode. Think about that one.

  • Joan Collins
  • The Deep Space K-7 Bar Fight
  • Old Jake's Wife Leaving Him
  • Wolf 359
  • "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra"
  • ...Holographic Andy Dick?


VOY: Life Line- Picardo could be a douchebag in real life (I have no idea) and maybe he did kill Robert Beltran's prize winning orchids but good gravy this shit rocks.

VOY: Fair Haven- The crew of a futuristic starship gets lost in a bygone era. Art. And Harry kissed a cow! Poor, dumb Harry.

VOY: Endgame- Proving once and for all why Janeway is the best Captain ever.

ENT: .....



I'm trying here guys, I'm really trying!




I got nothin'.

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