Poor, dumb Harry

Ensign Kim, seconds away from another onscreen death.

Janeway once bought a strap-on just for Harry. We love watching Harry suffer on Voyager. And boy, does he suffer!

Background Information Edit

Look, I'm gonna level with ya. I always liked Harry Kim. He got abducted or killed or just plain shit on every week (sometimes multiple times in one episode), but I was always happy to see him on camera. Poor Garret Wong was forbidden from acting, as Berman and Braga demanded that Ensign Kim be portrayed as wooden as possible at all times. Still, we can at least enjoy all the zany and stupid misadventures that poor, dumb Harry got stuck with. We can root for him or laugh at him. So he provides a consistent level of entertainment for us, and we can't say that about all the modern Trek regulars, can we?

T'Pol, Mayweather, Chakotay, Troi, Paris, Torres, Archer, Sato, Phlox, Neelix, Jadzia, Tucker...I'm looking in your direction.

Harry scream

Established as a scream queen from the very beginning. How can you not love to see him suffer?

And you know what? Kim is still a likable enough character despite being not allowed by the producers from being interesting or well-acted in any way. And you know who else was always forbidden being interesting on-screen? Chakotay and Archer. Do we have much affection for either of those two? From fans I know of, we certainly do not. At least we can love Harry 'cuz he's like Kenny from South Park. We can take joy in Harry's (constant) suffering, like perhaps Charlie Chaplin.

And, one last morsel of my ramblings. Harry got at least one good episode to himself, The Thaw. Did Phlox get one enjoyable episode centered around him? Neelix? "Catfish" Tucker? Sato, even? Not that I recall. Harry gets a good last laugh in the end. He got fucked over again and again by the powers-that-be, and he's still endearing to us.

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