On a Starfleet vessel, the position of holodeck jizzmopper went to the least likeable crewman, as voted upon by the senior staff. It was the jizzmopper's responsibility to track the various holodeck programs in use throughout a given duty shift and clean up after those which had been identified as "potentially messy."

Notable holodeck jizzmoppersEdit

Lt. Reginald Barclay began his career on the Enterprise-D as the holodeck jizzmopper, but unlike many who held the position, he continued to spend just as much time on the holodeck once he'd been promoted. His successors fondly remembered Barclay as "one who would always mop his own jizz."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard impersonated the holodeck jizzmopper when Tuvok and his cronies attempted to hijack the Enterprise in 2369, dudes!

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