you see, when you trimaniflux the inverse tachyon verteron core you can then send a subspace frequency through the Heisenberg compensator that will when interfaced with the antimatter inversion conduit cause an interplexing frequency that revolves on a trimonic wavelength within the spacial flexure that causes a bypass link within the sub quantum spacial containment field enabling a reversal in the chrono-tachyonic stress that would result in a Z-neutrino overload but instead allows it to routed through the positron charged reigsadtium field coils that would in turn create a semi-trimonic wave effect within the temporal eddies of the secondary feild inverters that can be rigged through a ion-fluxed artron coil into a hypermatter reaction sequence that may if the omega factor is roughly less than .2242423435353554545454533333324306565959659691 (within a rough approximation) that may successfully cause a graviton manifold that a trimonic wavelength cannot pass through but will instead by shunted through a taranium catalyzed field balance equation into a succsessful fission on the sub peon level allowing them to pass through a layered quantum crystalline construct made by the tribophysical kinetic manifestation of a matter energy slingshot interchange device creating a macro-kinetic reaction in the spacial manifold of the warp field inversion conduit, this creates a mathematically imbalanced field inversion flow which makes a feedback to the core-element antimatter reaction allowing it to successfully release energy on a physioneural level that can interface with bioneural gelpacks into connecting them in a demi neural system throughout the semi spacial field, resulting in the successful calculation of the quantum inverse flow equation 372382482473284343=424244343+4347374374373887323 when .8343424 would roghly equal A in a significant physical and mathematical factor to provide precise calculations to make a sandwich

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