Jake Sisko, Son, Writer, Ferengi Lover

Jake Sisko was the first-born son of Captain Benjamin Sisko and Jennifer "I'm a bitch in the mirror universe" Sisko. Despite many fears he would become another of the Annoying Space Children, or even worse, Wesley Crusher, he was actually pretty cool.

Jake's life was some what empty until he met the one person who could fill every "hole" in his life. That person was a Ferengi called Nog. In a relationship that could be compared to Romeo and Juliet (apart from the whole dying thing), Jake finally knew joy and the touch of another, but the love that bear not speak its name was never going to last. When Jakes father joined the Prophets, Nog and Jake's relationship fell apart.

Jake left DS9, unwilling to risk bumping into his former lover and threw himself into simultaneously writing multiple books, each completely different and unique. The first book titled My Father is with the Prophets. won rave reviews, as did his second novel, Prophet Daddy. Jake's third book, Did I tell you My Dad Left Me for the Prophets? was less than succesful. On a positive note, though, it was picked up as a movie option for an upcoming Michael Bay picture called I Make Things Go BOOM.

Jake is rumoured to now be writing his fourth book Daddy:Prophets - He's with Them (DS9: "Prophets Have My Daddy")

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