James R. Krik is the evil clone of James R. Kirk. Born in the same year, 5 minutes after Kirk, Krik had an evil agenda, although, ironically, Kirk always beat him in his agendas, making Krik the second-best man. Although Krik eventually got around to performing his agendas, there was always an ironic twist.

Krik's AgendaEdit

  • Be born before Kirk
Was born 5 minutes after Kirk.
  • Crawl before Kirk
Skipped crawling and started to walk.
  • Look at my father's issue of Playorion before Kirk
Looked at an issue of Playgirl.
  • Get an A+ before Kirk
Got an A+ in Fun class.
  • Kiss a girl before Kirk
Kissed the fat chick while she was asleep.
  • Accidentally kiss a guy before Kirk
Accidentally kissed a guy.
  • Get high school honor roll before Kirk
Got high school honor roll in workplace math.
  • Make out with a girl before Kirk
Made out with that fat chick again.
  • Enter Starfleet before Kirk
Got stuck in the Starfleet Engineering Corps.
Commanded the Tug USS Enterprize.

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