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James Tiberius KirkEdit

James Tiberius Kirk was born on 28. March 2228 in Iowa (earth). His father was a starfleet-safety-officer. James T. Kirk was the Captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701) and the USS Enterprise-A (NCC 1701-A). From the first Star Trek movie till the forth, he stayed as an admiral. Later he was relegated to a captain.

James T. Kirk was played from William Shatner (in TOS and the Star Trek movies 1 to 6) an later from Chris Pine (Star Trek 2009 movie)

James Tiberius Kirk supersedes the first Captain of the USS Enterprise, Christopher Pike. Kirk is a brave man and his first officier, and friend Spock is allways with him.

In Star Trek "Generations" he started a time-travel into future. In the same movie (78 years after his death while the first flight of the USS Enterprise-B "NCC 1701-B) he died another time, `cause a fight with the creator of the "Nexus", and saving the whole solar-system.

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