Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a type of alcoholic beverage created by Jeffrey Bernard which mixes Captain Morgan rum with a number of mysterious beverages. The "Dean" in the name is for actor James Dean, since everyone ends up like Dean when they drink Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also the name of an actor who once appeared on Star Trek: Enterprise though he is now best known for playing The Comedian in the moving comic Watchmen. Now, if anyone were to bring up his role on Enterprise, Morgan would stick a smiley face pin in their forehead and chuck them out of a window. Morgan is also the only one who can tolerate Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the beverage) without winding up in a trash compactor.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also the name of a kid I once beat up in school. I don't think it's the same Jeffrey Dean Morgan listed above, but I have been receiving a lot of bloody smiley pins in the mail. I'm sure that's just a coincide....

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