Lucas during his pro days

John Meredyth Lucas was a pro wrestler, running under the name John "The Ewok" Lucas, before he began a career as dry cleaner in Gene Roddenberry's office. He weighted 320lbs in his prime, and with a height of 6'10" he was considered a talent in his days, but an unfortunate accident in the ring caused him to lick John Wayne's hairy chest, so he left the world of pro wrestling.

After Gene L. Coon quit, having had enough of Roddenberry hogging all the credit, Lucas was inserted as professional drycleaner. He pressed a number of Star Trek's fan favorites, including "Hogan's Heroes in Space" and the rough draft for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".

The whereabouts of John Meredyth Lucas are unknown at this moment. Please check your attic. Or under your bed.

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