Intendant Kira

The sexy Intendant.

Kira Nerys was an openly bisexual version of Major Kira in the mirror universe, she loves to wear leather and dawdle in a hot tub. Kira likes the most fashionable leather pants, tops, bras, and whips. The Intendant is sensual, kinky and ruthless. She will use sex to pass the time or to manipulate others. However, she also wants people to love her. Like Dukat, she sees no reason why a cruel despot should not enjoy the devotion of those around her. This is one reason why she is so delighted to meet Kira: After all, if you can't love me, who can?

Hey, sailorEdit

Intendant Kira had sex with about half the modern crew of Terok Nor. Below is a partial list of her sex partners.

  • Mirror Bareil
  • Mirror Garak
  • Mirror Sisko
  • Bajoran Militia Divisions 7, 8, 14, 15, 17, and 18
  • The entire provinces of Dakur, Hedrickspool, and Kendra

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