Licensing is a term in which Starfleet personnel engage in branding their starships and objects to prevent illegal copying and plagarism. Many non-Federation members despise the Federation licensing agreements, usually breaking them where the Federation can't reach.

The USS Voyager, while in the Delta Quadrant, submitted 295 reports of copyright infringement acts in the quadrant when it returned to Earth. (VOY: "Postgame")

As of 2368, 47 Klingons have been convicted of illegal plagarism of various Starfleet vessels and property under the GFDL license. This included the:

Copied as the UKS Enterprisa (ICC-I7OI-I>), prosecutor charged for illegal use of Galaxy-class nacelle.
Copied as the USS Voyeur, prosecutor charged for branding a sex barge based on a Federation starship under licensing.

Starfleet LicensingsEdit

Starfleet Attribution Licensing 2.5 -

This object is copyrighted. Starfleet allows anyone to use this file for any purpose, provided the copyright holder is properly attributed and paid 10 bars of gold-pressed latinum.

Starfleet Goods and Services Frontier Deal Licensing (SGSFDL) -

This good or service is licensed under the SGSFDL. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this good or service under the terms of the Federation Starfleet, Version 1.2 licensing agreement or any later version from the 3rd Andor Conference Talks, subsection 2, published by the Federation Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover PADDS, and no Back-Cover Texts. Subject to Starfleet disclaimers.

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