Mayweather: Sir, maybe if you stopped shooting missiles at them they'd answer the Captain's hail.

Lt. Malcolm Reed was a cool enough guy. On the first few episodes of Enterprise he seemed shockingly intelligent. He liked stuff that went "'BOOM!'", which is good for a character in science fiction. And he was gay, then he wasn't, nor had he ever been.

Later CareerEdit

Reed would have loved a 22nd century Star Trek timeframe that made sense, where space battles were fought mostly with nukes and ship-to-ship combat was brutal. Instead, this poor bastard was stuck on an anachronistic show that had no tension or drama to go alongside its combat scenes.

Eventually, Reed froze himself in a cryogenic suspension and was thawed out sometime in the third season of DS9. He was last seen hurling ICBMs at incoming Dominion ships with his bare hands.

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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on Malcolm Reed.

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