Hooray, the Soviets have invaded! Our problems are over!

Many Coto is not unlike the Red Army in World War II. He liberated us, the viewers, from unjust and cruel conquers. However, like central Europe, we found our liberator to be less than a stellar improvement.

Coto, or Red Star as I will now refer to him, took over as the main man on Enterprise in season 4. Although we were glad to see Berman and Braga overthrown, Red Star was not an ideal substitute. You go and ask any of the folks in Estonia if life under the Soviet liberators was all that great.

Haul His Ass In Front Of The Hague Edit

Red Star is guilty of multiple crimes during his rule over Trek, including:

  • The ruining of the Orions with "Bound"- Did you know that Miss Moneypenny also was the secret head of MI6? And that she controlled the entire organization with the power of her magical vagina?
  • "United"- The Earth-Romulan War, something we had been waiting to see for FORTY! FUCKING! YEARS! was finally being given to us. And this episode naturally focused on Shran and Archer in a deathmatch with icepicks. ...................what.
  • "The Aenar"- Again, instead of focusing on the Earth-Romulan conflict, Red Star had this episode focus on Andorian CHUDS. If I wrote a book about the Cuban Missile Crisis, I don't think I'd have a single chapter cover the mutant dwellers of the Moscow sewers, let alone have the majority of the book be about them.

In closing, our country got rid of one shitty government and gained a new shitty government.

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