Marc Daniels was a multitalented guy: starting as a parachuter, he worked as a taxi driver, boxer, male prostitute, drug dealer, stand-up comedian, bikini model, TV host, tuba player, special agent of CIA, left-handed pitcher, grave digger, stand-in for Kevin Costner's ass in that Robin Hood flick, the cousin of Sylvester Stallone, skeleton in an amusement park, the voice of Orson Welles, multifunctional toothbrush, guitarist in a neogothical punk band, gay club owner and an artist claiming to be Salvador Dalí although he does not resemble him at all or know anything about Surrealist art before trying out as a film director.

He wanted to become the "next Hitchcock", but unfortunately lacked the talent and ended up directing I Love Lucy and That Low-Budget Space Kiddies' Show with William Shatner in it. He finally committed suicide at the age of 108 by falling out of a bell tower with a blonde Kim Novak.

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