Ah, murder. It's how we do things in the Enlightened Future(tm).

At some point in the future of humanity, murder becomes an encouraged social norm. Don't buy it? Check this out, all these people have committed murder (and probably gotten a medal for it).
  • Janeway. For more times than I'm comfortable thinking about.
  • Jonathan "Dutchess" Archer. I'm not sure if its murder when an insane person does it, but I'm still calling him out. I'm not sure who has the higher bodycount, him or Janeway.
  • Dr. Phlox. Goddamn...seriously. Just. Seriously.
  • Worf. That mofo killed someone everyday before breakfast before his kid moved in with him.
  • Kira Nerys. Spoonheads. (Christ, now that I think about it, is there a "TNG"-era character out there that hasn't killed a Cardassian?)

The list just goes on...

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