Mass cry heard from every viewer when the final episode of ST:Enterforaprize, These Are the Voyages... aired. Also heard was Oh for forks ache when the poor kitchen utensils appeared to be in pain every time Billy Boy was playing Chef. Bet he thought he'd get some from that chick who was hot, but is now a bit saggy. She doesn't like white mate, shows up the stains too much.

This article is a stub because the previous author was too damn lazy to finish it.
Trek Exclamations
KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!Ohh...shit!PA'TAK!Recalibrate the Deflector!NOOOOOOOO!!IT IS REEAAAL!It's a FAAAAKE!!!Hail them! | Fire Phasers! | Vorta have boobs! | Auto-Destruct in 5 seconds... 4, 3, 2...1Yes, sirNo, sir, and please don't shoot me like thatGFDL?! CC?! Copyrights?!! GAK!WHORE!SLUT!

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