Famous People mentioned in Star Trek

Star Trek: EnterpriseEdit

"Scream up, Hotty!"
"Set Warp 4. Energise. Or, actually, don't."
"I am the Captain, and I order you to... ...just don't do whatever you just did."
"Live longer and prosper!"
"They're coming more farer away."
"Strange. Wasn't this that a sec ago?"
"I won't beam you up you stupid bastard!"
"Nay-ay-ay: Anno whotsam doon innis vessel filleydots damn shit. Am Scots annam avinafeel atpeel won't respect'at!"
"Gin-rhumony, Rhum-ginnony, Rum-gin-sherrie: A Scotsman's as drunk as a Scotsman can be!"
"Gin! Rhum! Whiskey!"
"Curse that stupid bairn af dis vessel dayd!"
"Oy Laddie, havinabreak?"

Star Trek: The Next LacerationEdit

"Sake it, Moe!"
"What? Dixon Hill? No, I don't know who that is, I'm not a detective, am I?"
(sings)"Aux armes, Citroens; your former bataillons! March onze, march onze, quand sans impures, notre sang abreuve silence!"
"Shut up Computer. Acting Ensign Wesley: Shut down!"
"Is anybody here bored of the Borg?
"Tasha, I don't wanna sleep with you, I wanna sleep with that damn mistress Beata, goddit!?"
"Prepare to beam up three creatures: Me, myself and I."
"Sure I will take the command, Captain. My first order is: Arrest the Captain and declare him mentally ill so that I can take over the ship, Moo-arr-arr-arr."
"Dammit. I just can't laugh vicously!"
"No idea."
"What's that?"
(in last episode)"Oh, this is a space ship. Good to know!"
"I am programmed in multiple raping techniques. A broad variety of displeasuring."
"Why hailing frequencies? Can't we just blast'em off an' warp away?"
"Angie Farr, also called Farr-Angie, so Ferengie. Kewl. I wann'an autograph!"
"Hello? I'm wetter than the oceans of Aqualandia Omicrypsilon!"
"Come on, I'll even suck it!"
"You've not really from Beata, Will. Or should I say WILLY?"
"Technobabble, technobabble, technobabble."
"Let's read us some rainbows, folks!"
(When the Enterprise blew up) "Awww, HELL NO!"
"Multiple raping techniques? Data, would you like to join me in the holodeck? I'll bring the ball gag and rope, and you forget your ethical subroutines..."

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