Cornykirk ship

Ahh . . . the days of Kirk

The prime universe was the Universe that sucked, spanning from 1967 to 2002 (After this, they made a new universe). The technological advancements from the Kirk era to the Picard era are absolutely ridonkeylous.

Kirk eraEdit

In the Kirk era, everything was analog, and there were no computer moniters, except for the giant bulky ones used in the early 1970's. Inside the little round room, there were really loud alarms and flashing lights. And everyone wore cotton shirts, pants that were 3 sizes too small, and long black boots. Women wore one piece cotton uniforms with long black boots. Every ship in that era were made of plastic and were held up by strings that no one could see, and they always seemed to orbit the same Orange planet.

Picard eraEdit

During the Picard era, many advancements were made. The plastic analog dashboards were replace with individual modules, which consisted of a plastic body, and fiber sheet with lots of techno stuff on it, a light bulb, to make the fiber sheet thing light up, and a glass cover to make it look like a touch screen. Each module had a seat that was close to the ground and was tilted really high up. Also, the uniforms had more black in them, and their pants were actually the right size. There was only one Starship, th
Enterprise d

The Technologically "avanced" starship of the future

e mondo-superstar number 5, and all of the other starships were Excelsior class.

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