Q is both the name of a race of seemingly omnipotent beings with a penchant for bugging starship captains for no apparent reason, and the name of a certain Q who seems to be more annoying than the rest (which is only possible because he made it so). In fact, all Q are named Q (another way to exasperate the inferior humans). Q and the other Q come from the Q Continuum, a place that looks like whatever the Q want it to look like (to humans, anyway). The Q known to Picard, Sisko, and Janeway has a personality which can only be described as "extremely irritating with a whimsical sense of humour and a dash (say 3 ounces) of righteousness". This Q typically appears on board the ship, has some fun at the expense of the crew, and vanishes hoping that the small-brained mammals learned something. Which they usually don't. But hey, it's the thought that counts. Q also has a wife (we think) named Q and a bratty son named Q. He also killed a Q named Q once, but only because Q wanted to die. Q also introduced the Feds to the Borgg, but Picard was a wimp and didn't want to die so Q sent them back.

Q is a member of a race called Q who live in the Q continuum. Q sought the help of humans many a time. This might not be out of the kindness of his heart but it could have been the way he wished to pay the humans back for all the times he had fun at their expense. The one time when he was in real deep shit he needed the help of Captain Janeway. While Q was serenading Janeway, Q (the wife of Q) appeared. After that, Q took Janeway to the Q continuum where the Q were fighting a civil war. Janeway negotiated a truce between Q and the Q in command of the rival faction. Q devised a plan to restore peace among the Qs, he proposed to do this by mating with Q. Q and Q reached an agreement, subsequently, Q and Q mated and Janeway was returned to the voyager. Then Q, Q and Q lived happily ever after as did Q and the other Qs in the Q continuum.

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