One of Star Trek's co-creators, Bahb Justman.

Robert Harris Yulin Pablo Picasso Obama Whitlock Janeway Earp Hitchcock Justman III. was a very important guy, who worked as a dry-cleaner for many Hollywood productions, including The Adventures of Superman aka George Reeves' tight panties, but most notably a low-budget space opera featuring Eddie Paskey and George Takei among others.

Early in his career, Justman was responsible for writing the presidental speeches of Harry S Truman, which makes him solely responsible for the atomic bombings of that two Japanese towns and that New-Mexican UFO incident. This lead him to pursue a career in show business, first as a pimp, later as a dry-cleaner. Justman later wrote a book about his experiences, called Inside Paris Hilton: The Real Story. He died at the age of 132 in his home in Ulanbator, Mongolia.

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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on Shuttlecraft Justman.

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