Comsol of Starfleet

General order 7

See, it says Comsol! It must be a real person!

Robert L. Comsol was a piece of set decoration that became a fleet admiral.

What began as a simple line of dialogue:

Captain Kirk is here by relieved.... Message signed COMSOL, Starfleet Command

became a living, breathing character with a first name and a middle initial. A diligent –if somewhat whimsical—property master created a prop General Order 7 signed by Comsol --Robert L. Comsol!

Four decades later some people just couldn't get the joke.[1] You know, as if a plane, a cat, a duck, a Porsche, a Nomad, and a mouse were really on the real starship Enterprise. [2]

Comsol was played by Chester W. Cincpac


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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on Robert L. Comsol.

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