Saurian brandy

The only way one can prepare to review bad Trek.

Go Here! Edit

You may also see him on the YouTube.

Background Edit

SFDebris is a man from the frozen wastes who reviews Star Trek with hate in his belly. If we could put him in a timepod and send him back to the Paramount Lot in 1993 our franchise would be in much better shape.

Other Factoids About This Brave Man Edit

  • Witty and intelligent sense of humor.
  • Hatred of all things Neelix.
  • Unfathomable fetish for Barbie of Borg.
  • Celebrated author.
  • Upstanding family man.
  • Fresh pine scent.
  • Coined the term "medical phaser".
  • Half robotic and descendant of Atlantis.
  • Stabbed out his good eye while reviewing Threshold.
  • Killed Jeri Taylor with a harpoon and buried her in his backyard.

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