USS Sea Tiger

A pink spaceship?

SS Botany Bay was a WD-40-class vessel produced by Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems and Shipyards of Earth for intra-solar, sublight velocity travel. It was equipped with 80 life-support units intended to keep the passengers and crew in a state of suspended animation by continuously playing TOS Season 3 episodes, rendering them inert and stupified for the duration of the cruise. (TOS: "One Way Ticket to Paradise").

In 1996, Khan Noonien Singh appropriated this particular vessel in order to avoid a vivid reenactment of the last moments of Louis XVI. The Botany Bay drifted for three centuries until the starship Enterprise recovered it and very thoughtfully revivified the crew before running a proper background check or criminal history.

While Captain Kirk unilaterally decided to drop the crew of the Botany Bay off at the first available planet without letting anyone know, he did see fit to retain the ship and take it as a prize in order to collect the credits from the Martian Prize Tribunal. The ship, in turn, was sold to the Galactic Mining Company and converted to a cargo drone. (TOS: "Amortizing Assets").

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