Samuel L. Jackson is the coolest mo-fo on the f***ing planet. He doesn't have anything to do with Star Trek, but he's just so f***ing cool. Plus he said he would kick all our asses if we didn't create an article for him. So here you are, Mr. Jackson!

Biography and career Edit

Sam Jackson was born somewhere between Washington, DC, and yo' mama. He has since become the greatest actor ever. He also makes a damn fine beer.

Mr. Jackson has starred in many outstanding, Oscar-worthy films such as The Return of Superfly, Def by Temptation, Jumpin' at the Boneyard, Fathers & Sons, Amos & Andrew, Loaded Weapon 1, Hail Caesar, The Search for One-eye Jimmy, Sphere, Deep Blue Sea, xXx, The Man, Basic, Twisted, xXx 2, Freedomland, Snakes on a Plane and the highly-praised Farce of the Penguins. However, he has had some critical and financial misses as well, including Goodfellas, Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, and, of course, the disastrous Star Wars prequels. But Jackson continues to bounce back from his failures by popping caps in the asses of those responsible for making him look bad and moving on to the next fool who dears to cross him.

Mr. Jackson recently popped a cap in Jon Favreau's ass for putting his scene in Iron Man after the end credits, when no one was there to see him.

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