Sheppard (John Arthur sheppard) was an federation admiral at THE 29the you Know what i mean. Hè took contol of THE starships adarus, enterprise-j, Prometheus (aquatic battle ship) and the voyager. Hè blew most of The pudding base lifestyle form's out of THE way and his wife Samantha e. Carter took command of THE science vessel defiant-d à sovergein class ship also they replaced the docter and have à bashir hologram. Sheppard got killed when he tried to stop THE spoonheads and floormats of taking over THE omega quadrant in an altenate time line, but hè dies in our time line as à old vulcan, o yea hè is half à pointy ear bastards 1/4 human 1/8 pudding based lifestyle form and 1/8 made of à choco bread sandwich.

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