Feel free to add your own ideas, like a good fanboy.

  • No Troi in TNG.
  • Tasha Yar did not die. She was tough as nails and I always had a crush on Denise Crosby.
  • Riker was Captain on TNG and Picard never existed.
  • David Marcus didn't die. That was just stupid.
  • Hoshi and Archer fell in love and had a romance together.
  • Odo's people were not The Founders. That always seemed over-complicated to me.
  • The TOS crew was given the Excelsior as the Enterprise-A at the end of "The Voyage Home".
  • No Deep Space Nine season 7.
  • More Gowron/also Gowron did not become a villian.
  • More Kor and Koloth in TOS. Those guys ruled!
  • Less Bolians, A LOT less. Those guys are everywhere! Is the Federation made of 58% Humans and 37% Bolians?!
  • That Romulan lady in charge of the Defiant's cloaking device on DS9 "The Search". She should have been a recurring character like originally intended.

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