Sid the science kid

Sid the science kid about to attack with his level 10 phaser. He looks like he's trying to eat it. . .

Sid the science kid was a big headed humanoid species that nobody knows about. However, it has been suggested that he is a human/PBSKids hybrid. But really, nobody cares, because he somehow destroyed the Excelsior.

Early lifeEdit

Born in the year 2262, he was declared youngest starfleet captain in the history of forever. How he became captain, no one really knows. He was 5 years old when he became captain, but he didn't know how to read yet, so he kept referrring to sticky notes with corny drawings on them. When he first boarded the Excelsior, he ran around the entire ship looking for the bathroom. It was then that starfleet realized that none of the ships had bathrooms, and one of the main causes of death on board their ships was holding in their poop too long. Then, Sid was awarded with a lifetime supply of bubble gum.

Time on the ExcelsiorEdit

When he became captain of the Excelsior, he carried around a microphone, which was actually a level 10 phaser from the 31st century. Sid was not aware of this, however, and he ended up killing Htchhiker Solo. No one really cared, because a strange racism against asians started up, and everybody hated Solo. One day, when Sid was sitting in the bridge, he was playing with some of the controls. Not knowing what they were, he pressed them randomly, and then suddenly, the entire disk thing blew up, and everybody died, except for him, know why? Because he had his tray table up! And his seat back up in the prime position! No, just kidding. He kept his seatbelt on. No one else did this because they were complete idiots, and they thought they were too cool for seatbelts. With that kind of thinking, bad things happen. Look what happened! Everybody died because they didn't wear seatbelts! When Sid someow got back to Earth, he was fired, so they threw him around the sun so hard that he ended up on the year 2008. From there he made a show called Sid the Science kid. Ok, ummm THE END!

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