Solid: What Odo felt everytime he looked at Kira's ass. In 2372 when The Great Link joined with Odo to understand why he kicked the crap out of the other Maker and other aspects of his personality, they discovered the sensations of becoming 'solid' like Odo had done on many occasions.

Understanding that becoming solid can impair one's judgment, the Founders from there on took an immense dislike and distrust in 'the solids', and decided that in order to preserve their society, solids the galaxy over must be kept in control.

It is rumoured they would do this by ridding the galactic internet of all porn, and bringing all beings capable of becoming and remaining 'solid' for extended periods of time, must be subdued and kept in check.

However, their plan would never see the light of day, thanks to short term Romulan Emperor Shinzon, when he test fired his Thalaron weapon on the Founders' Homeworld located in the Gamma Quadrant.

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