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Space Academy is a school where they teach people how to self-destruct starships and meddle in the affairs of other species. As with many military academies, this one is steeped in tradition and since Starfleet is a combined service (see TOS: "The Naked Time, Part II: Electric Boogaloo"), the Space Academy refers to its students as either Midshipmen or Cadets. Which title is to be used depends on a series of arcane rules, later adapted by Captain Kirk when he developed his novelty card game Fizzbin for Milton Bradley. (TOS: "The Untouchables of Sigma Iotia")

It is interesting to note that this Army/Navy title business appears to have been used on starships as well, at least when Lieutenant Number One was the exec on the gun boat USS Enterprise. (TOS: "See, I Told You That Illusion Was Just As Real As This Table Top. But, No, You Had To Haul That Big-Assed Laser Cannon Down Here, Didn't You?")

Much silliness and hi-jinks pervade this institution, from putting bowls of soup in midshipman cadets' beds to aiming blonde lab technicians at instructors. There appears to be very little structure to the curriculum, but there is a great deal of required reading.


Required ReadingEdit

  • Studies of Societies That Would Benefit From Android Overseers by Dr. Roger Korby
  • Nazism: Truly Evil or Just Misunderstood? by Prof. John Gill
  • I'll See That They All Hang, The Mutinous Dogs! by Fleet Captain Garth
  • How I Killed Forty Billion Sentients by General Kord


"Space Academy" is, too, cannon 'cause Spock said it in "Bread and Circuses". So, there.