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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on Space Seed.

Space Seed was a very special, very sexy episode of TOS in which Fantasy Island Guy made one very special lady's dreams come sensually true. Awwww yeahhh.



A prince, with power over tens.

Khan tried to take over the Earth in the late-1990s, but he was largely ignored, especially in southern California. Feeling under-appreciated, he and a few friends left for deep space in the SS Sydney Opera House in 1996.

Two hundred years later, in 2266 (do the math, if you dare), Khan's ship was found by Captain Kirk and the curvy guest star of the week, Lt. Marla Benedict Arnold Quisling. Hilarity ensued when the revived Khan made cryptic statements about his past and quite easily revealed his former occupation as a tyrant. (Spock was heard to mutter something under his breath about "some superior intellect.") Perhaps it was that snub that led Khan to commandeer the ship and ask the historian out for a date.


A world to conquer, a planet to tame!

Following a long line of so-called evil geniuses, Khan really overthunk the plumbing when he tried to liquidate the command staff and crew of the Enterprise, which resulted in being clubbed by Kirk with some greeblie in Engineering that had never been seen before or since. (At least it wasn't that damned wrench again.)

After yet another inconclusive legal proceeding, Khan was given a one-way ticket to Paradise, along with his mutinous, double-crossing moll.


The name of the episode was inspired by the real-life product "Space seed," available at Fleet Farm and anywhere fine astroagriculture products are sold.

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