Template:Spoiler A spoiler is a revealing fact about a movie which people who have seen a movie tell to other people who have not seen that movie to piss them off. Because pissing off people is fun, this page will list as many spoilers as our evil little hearts desire.

Fight Club
Tyler Durden and The Narrator are the same person -- Tyler is a separate personality of The Narrator. The Narrator "kills" Tyler by shooting himself through the side of the face.
Iron Man
Tony Stark publicly reveals at the end of the film that he is Iron Man. After the credits, Stark receives a visit from Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD (Samuel L. Jackson, baby!), who is there to talk with Stark about "Avenger Initiative."
Kill Bill
The Bride kills Bill using the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.
Spider-Man 3
Harry Osborne realizes Peter didn't kill his father and dies helping Peter/Spider-Man fight Eddie Brock/Venom. Peter destroys the Venom symbiote, and Brock dies in the process. The Sandman explains that he killed Uncle Ben on accident. Peter forgives him and lets him leave. Peter and Mary Jane mourn Harry's death, then get back together. Now you don't have to watch the movie -- I did you a favor, trust me.
Star Trek II
Spock dies.
Star Trek III
Spock is revived after his katra is placed back in his own head.
Star Trek Nemesis
Data dies.
Sweeney Todd
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:It turns out Mrs. Lovett lied about Sweeney's wife's death and Sweeney slits his wife's throat, not recognizing her. When he does recognize her, he throws Lovett into the furnace then gets his own throat slit by Toby.
Thelma & Louise
Rather than be captured by the police, Thelma & Louise decide to drive off a cliff.
The Crying Game
She's a man, alright. A man.
Soylent Green
It's peeeeeeeeopplllle.
The Planet of the Apes
is Earth, you maniacs.
Citizen Kane
Rosebud is a sled.
Forbidden Planet
Professor Morbius' id killed everybody.

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