A Spoonhead in 2372.

A Cardassian is a being from the planet Cardassia. In the mid-24th century, with both the Klingons and the Romulans having become stale and predictable, the Cardassians came from nowhere to replace them. We learned that they had been engaged in a long war with the Federation, but no mention of it had been made until their premeire episode. (TNG: "The Wounded")
As a side note, wars are well-kept secrets in Star Trek.

The People Who Would Be a MetaphorEdit

Basically, Kardashians (also known as yamok-saucers) were galactic goose-steppers. These fight-clubbers have a long history of stepping all over people, like the Floormatians. They liked to wear uniforms that made them seem like a bigger deal than they actually were. They also had a massive superiority / inferiority complex. Or is that just Duck-man? Guys like him were the worst of the lot. Some of them were actually nice, when it served as an opportunity for The Writers to say that all of us have a spark of goodness and a smudge of ugliness within us.

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