We all fell in love that wonderful day...

In this movie, Picard decides to follow a Borg cube back to the 21st century, where Data was later assimilated, Troi got drunk, and he was killed by a bizarre bunny that appeared out of nowhere.

In hindsight, this is actually the plot for Donnie Darko. Our bad.

First Contact was also the name of an episode of Star Trek. I think it was the one with Picard, which they expanded to make the movie. You can see the bits they added.

Seriously Edit

HOW THE FUCK DOES HE KILL THE BORG IN THE HOLODECK! Oké borg can't be stopt with phasers, eh just nuke unimatrix 01 or run as à siucide terrorist in à bOrg crouwd and Pieg! Or in sted of some phasers just uwe m16's or à sniper for long range. U can replecate them goddammit. This time THE author wasn't to lazy to finish it haha

Temporal Prime Directive? WHAT'S THAT? Edit

SRSLY! They brought Data back to the 21st century! AND TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE TO THE 21ST CENTURY gahhhhhh

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