Star Trek: The Animated Series
Abbr.: TAS
Created by: Gene Roddenberry (though he didn't take the responsibility afterwards)
Studio: Filmation
Original network: dunno
Production dates: 1973-1974
Original run: 8 September 1973–12 October 1974
Episodes: 22
Timespan: 2269-2270
TAS cast
Enterprise warp factor oneThis article is as real as your so-called life gets.

Star Trek: The Animated Series (formally called Star Trek, also called The Animated Adventures of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, never called The Best Trek-Series There Ever Was, Best There Ever Will Be) is the second Star Trek series, although Star Trek: The Next Generation has attempted to gain this claim. Star Trek featured the voyages of the starship Enterprise.


Space, it is still the final frontier, yes. These are, indeed, the voyages of this, the starship Enterprise. She's, it's, they are on a five-year mission: and yes, after all, they finally end what they have started: to explore some strange new and exotic worlds, to seek out new life formations and destroy them at all costs, and discover, --well, actually to interfere with new civilizations and cultures for your freedom; and alien women, too; to boldly, yea, to boldly, go where no man, or woman, or person -- that is to say one, even, has gone gone gone before from outside our galaxy.

Main CastEdit

Production crewEdit


Season 1Edit

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Season 3Edit


A very special episode of the Animated Series with a Very Special Guest Star

Rambo V The Final Frontier02:35

Rambo V The Final Frontier

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