Star Trek - The Lost Episode01:06

Star Trek - The Lost Episode

A weed smoking adventure MAAAAAAAANEdit

Star Trek V was Radicall MAAAAAAN!!!!! I mean all our googy good guys funally get some time to themselves for some good old close up bonding, I mean REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY close MAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! So then bones MAAAAN he mixes up some of his good old miracle medicine MAAAAN so yaeh and then we get some of that smokin late at night and DAAAANNNNG that was some GOOOOD STUUUUF so then we start seeeing all sorts of things MAAAAAAAAAN yeah, this big shuttlecraft comes flying out of the sky and its all bright and we don want a wake up. But then were FLYYYYYYYING MAAAAAAN then were up on old Big E and shes all busted up MAAAAAAN. and then theres SPOCKS EVIL BROTHER CYBOBOCK MAAAAAAAAAN and we gota stop him!!!!! So then were in this big desert fulla towelheads and then we see UHURA NAKED MAAAAAAAN. But then we show up and try to stop CYBOBOCK MAAAAAAN but hes got this ROMULAN HOTTIE as his slave MAAAAAAAAAN and then we go FLYYYYYYYING AGAIN!!!!!!!! and then this big green ship with this bad hair day Klingon dude show up AND THEN ITSSSS A WILD RIIIDE MAAAAAAAAN. But then you coulda killed him spock WTW so what about his soul and all, hes got negative forces MAAAAAAAAAN. then we get locked up in this room with all these bright lights MAAAAAAAN then scottie starts banging and WE HERE HIM LOUD AND CLEAR he gets us out but then he gets banged up on the doorframe, THEN WERE FLYING AGAIN MAAAAAAAAAN, up up and away all the way to 69 MAAAAAAAAAN. then theres spocks evil bro and he gives all these negative vibes and makes us see all that pain MAAAAAAAAN we confront our soul and feel the darkness MAAAAAAN but no, we gotta fight it, it aint right for our soul MAAAAAAAAAN we aint gonna get taken over by NEGATIVE FORCES. but then we pass through these BRIGHT BLUE LIGHTS MAN and they say we cant do it BUT WE DO IT MAAAAAAAN. then were in HEAVAN and we see this bright light and go sown there with CYBOBOCK and then we meet GOD MAAAAAAAN so then CYBOBOCK wants to talk to him but he aint right HES REALLY THE DEVIL MAAAAAAAAAAN so we get runnin and runnin and runnin ALL THROUGH HELL MAAAAAAAAAN and then Im all alone and im runnin from the devil then this BIG GREEN BIRD COMES FLYIN OUTA THE SKY and then it KILLLS THE DEVIL MAAAAAAN and then I get brought through all these lights and then there you are SPOOOOOOCK MAAAAAAAN and then we have this MAAAAANLY EMBRACE OF SOUL and then CHECKOV GOES OUT WITH A HOTTIE KINGON MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN

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