Just a guess, but we think this article was written by a Star Wars fan.

Okay 10 reasons Starwars is better than startrek. By mod James

10) blow up à consol, then death star is going to, blow up à borg console, oeps shit warp failed well let's use THE other console {C

9) rebel ships just use gold 1, red 4. Starfleet used ncc-1701 uss. Enterprise. {C

8)only one episode and you gett THE story line, startrek you neef to see them all! {C

7)starfleet would free ships named slave or anything like that. {C

6) wookies have more hair than klingons. {C

5) solo is Nice {C

4) THE federation sucks even more then sucks. {C

3) THE sisko isn't know at starwars.

2) enterprise nx-01 got screwed by xindi, like skywalker by vader

1.5) Han solo doesn't sleep with everything, yes kirk even does it with consoles and glasses

1) were trekkies and trekkies suck. Haha trek suck.

Star Wars is SOOO Much Better than Star Trek03:01

Star Wars is SOOO Much Better than Star Trek

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