USS Steamrunner but can't hide.

Steamrunner-class starships, as you might imagine, use steam to run their warp drives (but still they can't run, which explains its use as cannon fodder in all the hopeless battles.) (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: First Contact)

Ships commissioned Edit

  • USS Steamrunner NCC-981017
  • USS Indecisive NCC-981631 (destroyed)
  • USS Blinded NCC-981657 (lost)
  • USS Eczema NCC-981664 (lost)
  • USS Smegma NCC-981672 (destroyed)
  • USS Sloth NCC-991701 (decommissioned)
  • USS Runaway NCC-991702 (converted to automated ore transport)
  • USS Hoodlum NCC-991703 (lost)
  • USS Neville Chamberlain NCC-991707 (captured)
  • USS Lex Luthor NCC-991709 (unknown)
  • USS Defiled NCC-991764

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